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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Happy Teachers day

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Teacher’s day is celebrated on 5th of September every year throughout the country. Students take the opportunity of this special day to express their gratitude and appreciation for their teachers. There are several ways through which the students can appreciate the immense contribution of the teachers. Teacher’s day celebrations that are an integral part of 5th September are incomplete without the presence of some good and meaningful teacher’s day speeches and teacher’s day messages. In this page you will find some simple teacher’s day speech ideas.
Ideas for Teacher’s Day Speech :
Teacher’s Day, which is observed as a mark of tribute to the teachers, is the ideal day of telling your teachers that you feel blessed because of their presence in your lives.
Teacher’s day speeches are actually considered as a wonderful way for expressing our respect and sincere acknowledgement to our teachers. The significant role and contributions of the teachers in giving a proper shape to our lives can not be described or expressed in words. But, still here are some simple ideas that can be consulted for preparing a simple yet meaningful speech dedicated to all the teachers. Just have a look at them –
  • It is not always necessary that the students will have to give a formal speech on teacher’s day. The students must try to prepare such types of speeches that reflect a sort of genuine mutual love, affection and respect that they possess in their hearts for their teachers.
    • The students must note that the teacher’s day speech must mention the tremendous untiring support by our teachers and the moral support that they have given us throughout.

    • The speech for teachers must depict the fact that teachers have a very special important role in our lives and their position in our lives is equal to the position of our fathers and mothers.

  • You must not try to write a teacher’s day speech, in fact try to write your genuine feelings and appreciation that you have for your respected teachers and their unmatched efforts in the form of words, you will see that at the end of this task you have actually developed a wonderful and indeed a meaningful speech.

  • Do not try to impose any statement forcefully because if you do this, there is a possibility that it might ruin the entire effect of the teacher’s day speech that itself is an expression of your sincere and heartfelt appreciation.

  • Always remember that teacher’s day speech is the way through which you can sincerely express your thankfulness to your teachers, so prepare the speech accordingly.

  • You can use some popular quotes and short messages by prominent authors to make your teacher’s appreciation speech a more expressive one.

  • You can make the speech for your teachers even more interesting and appealing by including some of your own experiences with your teachers. Remain assured that in this way you are actually making your speech more lovable and noticeable.

  • Last but not the least, your teacher’s day speech must mention about the philosophies of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, whose birthday is observed as teacher’s day.


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