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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Life is a GOAL __________ ACHIEVE it
Life is a  CHALLENGE____MEET it
Life is a GIFT____________ACCEPT it
Life is a DUTY___________PERFORM it
Life is a GAME___________PLAY it
Life is a MYSTERY_______UNFOLD it
Life is a SONG___________SING it
Life is a PROMISE________FULFILL it
Life is a LOVE____________ENJOY it
Life is a BEAUTY___________PRAISE it
Life is a SPIRIT_____________ REALIZE it
Life is a STRUGGLE_________FIGHT it
Life is a PUZZLE____________SOLVE it
Life is a ADVENTURE_______DARE it
Life is a OPPORTUNITY_____TAKE it

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  1. "O" Thank you my dear friend its very nice to see my comment is being posted and in reply u have answerd my question with a wonderful example to tell whats the life is all about its a very valliant effort which u made my dear, for u i can tell u one good thing here. And i agree that what every expressed was equally good and should be adapted
    but every one is born for a special cause as a human if that is investigated rest of all u mentioned will be done automatically can u comment of the rendition of unfolding life in true sense..??
    all the best


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