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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Save our Earth.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Forty years after the first Earth Day, the world is in greater peril than ever. While climate change is the greatest challenge of our time, it also presents the greatest opportunity – an unprecedented opportunity to build a healthy, prosperous, clean energy economy now and for the future.Earth Day 2010 can be a turning point to advance climate policy, energy efficiency, renewable energy and green jobs. Earth Day Network is galvanizing millions who make personal commitments to sustainability. Earth Day 2010 is a pivotal opportunity for individuals, corporations and governments to join together and create a global green economy. Join the more than one billion people in 190 countries that are taking action for Earth Day.
Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to know  kids about our environment and the world in which we live. Using experiments that are fun and interactive will help to illustrate lessons and keep kids engaged. Keep the children's age group in mind when deciding on which activities to undertake.
Our class is learning about how we can help the earth. We are reading books. We even were in charge of the earth day assembly! I was the MC. Our class is helping the environment!
Earth Day is every year on April 22, and is a day dedicated to celebrating the wonders of the planet and protecting its resources. Create recycled crafts and projects with children to share with others and reuse items that would otherwise be thrown in the trash. Aside from promoting creativity, reusing items also teaches children about conservation and recycling

      packet  Birdhouse

  1. Use an old milk jug for a birdhouse. Have an adult help cut a circle three inches in diameter out of the front of a clean one gallon milk packet-the side without the handle--using a craft knife.
    Use acrylic paint to decorate the outside of the milk jug birdhouse. Paint the milk jug to make it look like part of a tree or a comfortable place for a bird to make their home. Allow the milk jug birdhouse to dry and then hang from a tree with a length of twine from its handle.
  2. I will make every day Earth Day by recycling things!
  3. The earth can be a butiful place if people did not litter or smoke.Like searesly smoking is not just bad for the earth it is also bad for yourself I mean all those people are just getting a higher chance of dieing the next day.Oh and littering.I am going to plant all that i can this earth day like apple trees and plant as many plants so that this earth day will be the greatest of all earth days so i hope everyone plants tons of trees 'cause i know i am! :)
  4. Okey than please save our earth and enjoy the earth day.


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