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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Do you know history of the first paper money?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Us first currency paper note.
India first paper currency  note.
first paper currency.
Hi, to every body. I asked my grand mother about history of the first paper money. My grand mother said the history of the paper money..Worlds first paper currency.

The Chinese were invented paper approximately 100AD. They are also invented first paper money.  In the year 812, the Chinese emperor used this temporary because of the shortage of copper.  Do you this money is called by "Flying Money".  It is very popular  that by 970 that money dominated as a monetary unit.
The first bank note named as cash.  The oldest bank note is the 1000 cash note of the Ming dynasty from the era  of the great war its may be 1368-98.
It is 225 x 340 mm with a pile of coins centrally depicted . The picture was to show people who couldn't read that they could trade the bill in for the depicted number of coins.
When Marco Polo came back from his travels in China (1275-1292), people in Europe didn't believe that the Chinese used paper for money. Paper money in Europe came 300 years later. The use of paper money in China stopped in 1455.
The history of paper money in Europe is interesting. It started as Emergency Money is made for regular money.  The first emergency paper bills are from 1483. The first bank notes were printed in 17th century.


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